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Lieutenant General Sol

Lieutenant General Sol, he is the real power control of the Atlantis Ring Army Corp. Because his excellent fighting skills and a brilliant strategist, he is given the highest decision-making powers during emergency situations. Promote the development of mechanized army, he led his team on the continent of Atlantis to become the most extensive, the most powerful, strongest force, known as the "Empire's bloodline."

In addition to his outstanding military skills, he also plays a role in the political arena, occupies an important position. He has developed a new magical mechanical warfare that completely upended the traditional model. In this land where magic power and science and technology co-exist, he reached the peak, by seamlessly blending all aspects of magic and science to his best use.  He reached a new milestone.

Lieutenant General Sol is a non-party activists, very loyal to the royal family. He is actively involved in the military development, is a key to making peace in different factions in the military. Helping Imperial Army in their long struggle with the Parliament to obtain advantages, helping the Executive Imperial Marshal to obtain highest authorities in the Empire. Lieutenant General Sol of the Ring Army Corp became one of the best in both internal and external power act.



Admiral Ronald

Ronald, modern founder of the Ring Atlantis Marine Corps . Dissatisfied with the weak navy defense forces in the Empire, he and the Air Force Lieutenant General Ronald worked together to promote a new form of arm force that combine both operations. He led this to triple the sea territory the empire. He transformed the Imperial Navy from a defensive force to an offensive force, and that gave him tremendous political capital.  At the same time he became the close confidant of Empire's core decision makers, and started to promote the Empire's police force being militarized.

Ronald's only allegiance is power, and loyalty to no other. When the strong becomes weak, he would not hesitate to switch positions. He and Royal Guards leader Ashford maintain an elusive close relationship...


Air Force Lieutenant General Wolf

Wolf is the Atlantis Ring Army Air Force. He and Ronald are very close friends, and had fought side by side, directing the combined arms operations which they co-created. Wolf though mild mannered, is very deep. Compared to Ronald, Wolf is more interested in politics, and is a key strategist for Empire. He believes that only perfect political power is the core of national development. He actively promote his political rule of the imperial marshal, and is the number one in the military think tank. For him, every time a new political turmoil is a rare opportunity. In chaos, the Air Force has the chance to expand and win new political bargaining chip.

He lost his right hand and left eye in battles. However, Ronald isn't slowed by it, but becomes stronger. During the rule of Marshal coup, he became known as the "empire's iron hand."